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All-in-one educational content creator operating system.

⬡ Save months of work with 30+ templates and AI prompts⬡ Create workshops, videos and courses quicker⬡ Repurpose knowledge and teaching assets.⬡ Launch and grow your CBC, online school or channel.

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NEW AI prompts to build your course first draft in hours not weeks

Modify 6 prompts and get the first draft of your course done in hours. Edit it to add your unique frameworks and give it your branding.

Who is it for?

Experts, professionals and educators to become effective digital teachers and grow an online audience.

Students to retain knowledge and learn more effectively by teaching what they know.

Consultants to demonstrate their methods, build trust with clients and generate leads.

Aspiring content creators and hobbyists to monetize their passions by sharing what they love.

It's a complete operating system built in Notion

⬡ Craft content, courses and experiences that transform learners.⬡ Improve the way that you teach and learn online.⬡ Build a mailing list and get subscribers⬡ Monetize your knowledge and passions

If it doesn't work out - just ask and we'll refund you 100%!

Okay... but what's in the box?

25 Templates, 10 AI prompts, 1 dashboard

Using over 25 templates for online courses, workshops, articles, Twitter threads, worksheets, youtube videos, diagrams and more.

Get the online course template for free

"The course creation template was a game-changer because it allowed me to, with some tweaks, delegate a course to a part of my team. In the space of a week, we double our course production ability" - João Mateus CEO @What Drives Youth

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Turn books, youtube videos and lectures into your own teaching assets

Use Notion's Web Clipper to save interesting finds into a database. Process them with AI prompts for a robust personal knowledge managment workflow.Utilise customizable templates and methods like progressive summarization to synthesise the most valuable information to create content and products.

Five guides to help you launch and grow

⎔ Starting + Growing your channel or business⎔ Monetisation Strategies⎔ Learning Experience Design⎔ Knowledge Managment⎔ Video Gear & Production⎔ Tools to Teach Online

Find the right tools to grow your business, channel or school

Everyone's teaching and business requirements are different. Find 80+ industry-leading tools for online tutoring, remote workshops, digital communities and online course platforms.

A 'best of' processes from creators such as Ali Abdall and Marie Poulin

As well as The Workshop Planning Canvas from Toby Sinclair, instruction, storytelling and process tips from youtube educators such as 3Blue1Brown, Kurzgesagt and Tom Nicholas.


One price for lifetime access.

⬡ 22+ Templates

⬡ Easily Customizable

⬡ Support Community

⬡ Lifetime Updates


Edu-Creator OS

  • All-in-one Notion dashboard

  • 22+ Notion Templates

  • Full setup guide

  • Access to all future updates


Edu-Creator OS + 30 Min Call

  • Everything in Edu-Creator OS

  • 30-Minute consultation

  • Build a CBC / course in 8 weeks

Get it for free

If you're a student under 21 y/o or really strapped for cash It's free.** Just complete one simple challenge **1. Upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo of you teaching your friends a new concept, topic or something cool you learnt.2. Visit and post the link in the chatbot + a screenshot of a post on your social media which links to


You've got questions - we've got answers!

**"I'm not a teacher, how will I teach online?"

Don't believe that you're a teacher? Have you ever showed a toddler to peel a banana, familiarized an out-of-town visitor with the commuter train, given feedback to a friend or waved your hands to make a puppy sit? Surprise, you're a teacher!It can be scary at first but that's why I've created templates and content ideas for you to build your way up to presenting in front of a camera OR Never have to do that by communicating through visuals.

How does it work?

Everyone's teaching and business requirements are different. Find 80+ industry-leading tools, customizable workflows and setup guides. Design, build and market your learning experiences.

Do I need to pay for Notion in order to use this?

No. You can run Edu-Creator OS on Notion's generous free Personal plan without having to upgrade.

I haven't recorded a tutorial or taught before. Is this going to be useful for me?

Yesss! This resource is created to help anyone who is considering starting to create educational content, or already has started & wants to improve it.Edu-Creator OS has useful tips on getting over camera anxiety and how to make content without showing your face. Some people also book a consultation call to get help kickstarting their newsletter journey.

** Is this really worth $69?**

We've designed Edu-Creator OS to be actionable. It's a system that you'll interact with daily.The 150+ hours working on this meant that we collected the best resources, across 3 years of learning experience design and private tutoring so you don't have to. You'll get instant access to a blueprint and system to help build your career as an independent educator.I support parity pricing, so if you can't afford this, use the chatbot to leave me a message and I'll make it work!


As a welcome gift, you will receive Notion Second Brain [PARA] Template +
The Learning Experience Design (LXD) Handbook + My 'Learn Effectively with Notion' Articles.

I care a lot about privacy and will never, ever spam you or sell your data to a third-party.

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